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Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving field. Every year, new technologies emerge and existing technologies get smarter. As folks grow and their wants and choices alter; so does the trends of digital marketing.
This will continue to occur each and every year at a rapid speed. That said, the purpose of marketing — and digital marketing, in particular — has always been the same: acquiring and retaining your audience’s attention.

Listed below are a few trends which will lead the digital marketing all over the world.


Instagram marketing is on the climb. Nearly 50 percent of ads are run on Instagram when compared to Facebook.Instagram is effective for you if you are a B2C. If you are B2C, invest extra time on Instagram this year..

top trends of digital marketing
  • IGTV (Instagram TV) is going to be a remarkable opportunity in 2019. Instagram is seeking to consider major steps to make IGTV more like YouTube but better and that is the thing that makes IGTV such an interesting trend. This video platform is particularly designed for making vertical video playback, meaning that it is designed for making mobile-only videos. It is an ideal fit–literally and figuratively–for your Instagram account.
    If you haven’t started using IGTV yet, here’s why you should ride the wave now:
    • IGTV introduced in June 2018 to compete directly with YouTube
    • IGTV allows you to post long-form videos – 10 minutes for normal accounts and 60 minutes for verified accounts.
    • Instagram is driving the use of IGTV by giving it a priority within the app.

To open IGTV from your Instagram app, visit the Home-page (home icon) and tap the IGTV icon at the top right corner of the screen.

How to engage audience on Instagram? 

  • Posting Instagram Stories and going Live frequently will boost your engagement rate and your Instagram account performance will increase. Instagram Story Ads’ have been well-known since its launch. Create your ‘ad creatives’ focused on Instagram Stories.
  • Hashtags –The purpose of hashtags is to get your potential audience to naturally visit your posts and stories more often. Hashtags provide your content with the opportunity to come in the Explore feed. Whenever your post shows in the top 9 of a hashtag you will be discovered by individuals searching for your type of content.
  • Influencer marketing on Instagram is on the climb. If performed effectively, it will drag in a great volume of engagement for your business. Instagram is going to be e-commerce friendly with all its trendy on-app shopping solutions. If you own an e-commerce shop, well, say hello to Instagram!


It has been expected that 50% of all lookups will be voice searches by 2020. With this in mind, if you have not already, it is time to optimize your content for this new trend. But how?

In this article, i will focus on 3 quick strategies to help you get commenced;

  • Create question-based content; the greater part of voice search requests are question based. You could do this by using an FAQ segment on your site.
  • Create naturally, working with conversational language, just like people using voice search are doing.
  • Use long-tail keywords. Standard keywords signify how we type, but not how we speak. Instead of ‘ restaurant’, use more specific key words like ‘ what restaurants are serving dinner now?’. Long-tail keywords now account for 70% of all web searches.

It’s forecasted that by 2021, that companies which have implemented voice search first by improving and optimising their websites for visual, and voice lookup, which will boosts e-commerce revenue approximately 30%!

Voice lookup helps marketing experts participate more meaningfully with their target audience at every level in the buying process.Consequently websites can provide more interactive encounters which can be accessed at any place, at any time, on any device!

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

No web page can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO. It  nevertheless rules supreme when you are looking for effective marketing strategies. It doesn’t only generate the most qualified leads but in additional, it is the most cost effective.
Let’s check out what trends will make a difference in 2019.

  • Mobile Indexing – Google is migrating to ‘mobile first indexing’. Meaning that Google is planning to give more priority to the mobile versions of your webpage, which will thus decrease your bounce rates.
    A mobile-first index does not imply “mobile-only.” There is still a single index with both mobile and desktop versions. However, the overall “mobile-first” hype signifies that Google will be working with the mobile versions for ranking once the site is migrated.
  • Google’s Trends Analyst John Mueller pointed out: “If you want to go responsive, better do it prior to the mobile-first launch”. So, if your website has not migrated yet, and you have been considering switching, do it now. Plus, Google highly recommends against m-dot and responsive for the same page, as it confuses crawlers.

Meta description / snippets

  • Start improving your site for snippets and other SERP functions to maximize your visibility with Google. Although SERP snippets can be a good way to increase visibility, it can affect your Click-Through Rate (CTR). However, improving your headlines along with other strategies will increase your CTR
  • Win with On-Page Optimization from Website analysis, Competition analysis, Keyword research analysis, Website structure optimization, Google tools setup, RSS feeds creation,Robot.txt creation, Sitemap creation, Image optimization, Content optimization, to Meta tags optimization.
  • Voice search – To capitalize on this trend, I suggest optimizing your website for voice search.
  • Content optimization – More SEO > more pages > more keywords > more traffic.
    Link building > higher domain authority > more traffic.
    Increase the likelihood of pages to earn links for informational queries.
    Reoptimize top content > improve linkability and search visibility > more traffic.
    Assigning and interconnecting a single page rank for multiple search terms.


AI can examine buyer’s behaviour and search habits, using information from social media platforms and site posts to assist companies understand how customers and buyers locate their products and services.

  • Improved Customer Insights – Knowing your customers is still a problem for many companies, but AI helps to produce more actionable information that are enabling companies to better understand the needs of their customer. Artificial intelligence has offered brands the power to analyze large amounts of information from many sources and big data has given way to a new trend of consumer insight.
  • Companies using Artificial intelligence in 2019 will be in a position to save costs and increase growth, acquiring an edge over their rivals.
  • Using AI for tasks like checking your databases and giving insights to your company. For instance, you could leverage AI to locate prospects who look like your active customers or study social media interactions to supply you with real-time intel on your rivals.


A computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, via artificial intelligence. Chatbots are used for customer service issues, involvement and basic queries More than a billion people a year are now conversing with chatbots. The existence of chatbots was always been there but was not that obvious, but now more and more companies are using chatbots for customer services. Chatbots are providing improved results now than ever before and engaging more audiences to the site.

Chatbots can assist with customer service tasks and connect into your different programs to respond to repetitive customer questions like: “How do I create a Return Request?” “How can I change my shipping address?” “How can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?”

Here are a few cases of how innovatively companies are using chatbots to help increase operations, link with customers, and boost sales

  • H&M’s bot quizzes prospects about their fashion tastes. Then it makes outfits suggestions personalized toward each customer’s taste. Customers can also share a piece of apparel they like and the bot will draw from H&M’s collection to finish the overall outfit. Bots like this are successful ways to upsell customers.
  • Uber employs chatbot technology to connect with customers, making it effortless for them to hire cars even on Facebook Messenger, from Slack or via Google Maps. Riders can use the menu to select the type of ride, create a request, contact the driver, splitting a fare with friends, sharing ETA and trip status, and even make payment.


2019 is likely to be a demanding year for digital marketers, with automation, customization and AI technology in the play. So, keep yourself updated with these trends as they come, implement them with uniformity and with the target audience in mind, and you will see improved transformation this year.

If you have found this article helpful, discuss your thoughts on “Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2019” in the comments below.